Making Money Work

Finance Prop

Certified advisors

Tax, accounting and investment managemnt certified team

Global market access

We offer access to a wide range of global markets, including forex, capital and debt markets

1-on-1 Guidance

Our team conucts face-to-face, 1-on-1 consultations to mke sure all of your questions are answered

Wealth preservation

Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is one of the most important financial services a person can use, and yet so few actively make efforts to preserve and protect the wealth the have spent years accumulating. We provide expert advice on shielding your wealth; this is especially useful during turbulent times!

Trading services

Trading and Investment Managements

We offer hands-on, dedicated investment management suitable for all clients whatever your time scale or risk tolerance may be. Our trading desk actively trades client and house money to make alpha in both rising and falling markets, while our value investing team helps you get amazing returns over the long-term.

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A completely unique approach to money management

Most money managers take your money and park it in index funds, and they charge you a hefty fee for the priviledge. We do things differently; we actively manage your money.

Understanding risk

Most financial risk models only work if you pretend major crashes don't happen. Of course, in reality they do, and more often than you might think. Our approach to risk recognizes that ver large one day drops in the major indices not only can happen, but will happen.

Protecting your assets

The vast majority of people are not best served by being 100% in equities. While money managers get paid regardless of market moves, you need to know the majority fo your money is protected from inflation and is ready for when you need it. That's why we advocate extreme capital preservation over chasing rising markets.

Barbell strategy for large gain exposure

We take a "barbell" approach to wealth management. This means placing our clients' money in both extremes of the risk spectrum. Having the majority of client assets in "safe haven" vehicles allows us to take a very aggressive approach with 5-10% of their capital to seek market matching returns with significantly less risk.

Meet Our Talented Team Members

Helen Smythe
Helen Smythe

Head Chief Executive Finance Boss Money Boss

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Mike Walsh

Financial Swiss Army Knife

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Chrsitian Fries

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