FTSE 250 outperformance ahead?

FTSE 250 

There are a number of reasons that the FTSE 250 may outperform the FTSE 100. They include the following reasons:

  • The UK vaccine speed. The UK has nearly vaccinated 20% of their population now.

Insert UK vaccination speed

  • Goldman Sachs forecast 19% GDP rise for Q2
  • The UK service sector is poised for a very good recovery since the potential for the end of lockdowns will mean the unloved sector can start growing again.
  • The high savings rate in the UK, due to fiscal support keeping incomes during the lockdown, mean that strong demand is expected.
  • The FTSE250 is a high concentration of financials and consumer services and should outperform the FTSE100
  • Post Brexit: The ‘no-deal’ risk is now behind the UK
  • There are good seasonals for the FTSE 250.

FTSE 250 

So, this means the FTSE 250 could be a decent buy between now and the start of June. An ETF could be a good way to expose yourself to this trade.

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