US futures back to flat levels on the day as investors brush aside early pessimism

S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures turn flat

E-minis 24-02

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Of note, Nasdaq futures have erased a 1% drop from the tail-end of Asian trading as sentiment improves in European morning trade so far.

We are getting a bit of a repeat episode to yesterday but it is still early days for the time being. Wall Street will be the one casting the deciding vote later in the day.

But as the risk mood improves, we are seeing the dollar, yen and franc keep weaker across the board. NZD/USD is trading to fresh highs since April 2018 near 0.7400.

Elsewhere, the bond market is also facing some offers with 10-year Treasury yields up 1.8 bps to 1.360% and 30-year yields up 2.7 bps to 2.207%.

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